Sunday, September 13, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation: The Stoutenburgh Connection

If you have been researching several families for more than a few years, you likely have discovered, as I have, that we are all more closely related than we might imagine. A while back Gil Leach, a fellow researcher and board member at DCGS, sent me an idea for a series of genealogy articles for the magazine concerning links between related lines, complete with a draft of the first one - "The Stoutenburgh Connection".

A few weeks later I was copied on an email written by a fellow board member of another society, the National Association of Leavitt Families. She was writing from New Hampshire, to one of her family associations, advising them to write to the Leavitt and Folsom family researchers for ideas because they were considering putting their genealogies into a database and publishing it. She copied me as a Leavitt researcher, working on updating those books. What was that family surname society? None other than the Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association!

Currently the Stoutenburgh genealogies are recorded on three large circular charts--a somewhat unwieldy format for sharing. Next month when I go to New Hampshire for the NALF board meeting, Stoutenburgh descendant Frances Wooden will pass me her copy of the circle charts to bring back to New York. We will see what we can do with them!

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