Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walls That Talk

History buffs and home decorators alike will enjoy our launch issue article about the Knolls of Dover Manor House. Alas, there is never enough room to include all the great material we collect. Visit the video link by clicking the headline above to see panorama views of the History Room decorated with custom wall coverings created by Rooney Design Group, an Amenia graphics firm. Maureen Rooney and Kathleen Schibanoff, local liaison for Dover Knolls Development, collected hundreds of images by scanning post cards, photos and documents covering the history of the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center and surrounding area.

This technique can be used to share heritage items throughout a family. Thanks to modern technology, by scanning individual photographs, letters, journal pages, each household can display a common collection in all their homes simply by installing the same custom wall covering. What a great way to share these collections!

Creating a custom heritage wall covering also provides a way for historical organizations with limited space to display collections without worrying about security or proper archival environment.


  1. A great idea. Thanks for the item.

  2. I'm a interdisciplinary grad student at Columbia University, and would like to do a microhistory-style paper on HVPC. Who should I get in contact with?


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