Saturday, July 4, 2009

The more you consume it, the better it gets...

Doesn't a natural resource deplete with repeated consumption? Well....sometimes yes. In the case of our local historical and scenic sites the answer is no. More museum visits generates more income to improve the collections. More trail enthusiasts can generate more volunteers to maintain those trails, more tourism dollars spent locally to generate tax revenue to help expand and improve the trail system. Cultural events at our local historical sites and parks bring in visitors, generate local income, and so on. Every town in Dutchess County may not have an industry or large service business. But, every single one of our towns does posess historical assets. Let's help each other learn how to use them to build more sustainable local economies!


  1. I support and applaud DCGS and DCHS for their endeavors to bring our local city, town and village histories together to form a broader picture of our County History - This is what a County Historian should be doing but since our County Executive doesn't seem to find it fitting to insure the County Historian postion is filled continuously and especially in this Quadricentennial year, I applaud both organizations for their attempts to fill this void and to provide another avenue for historical and genealogical researchers. I wish you great success in this endeavor.

    History and Genealogy go hand in hand - you can't have one without the other - No History without the people who made it. No Genealogy with the History that shaped their lives and made them and us what we are today.

  2. Typo - No Genealogy withOUT the History that shaped their lives and made them and us what we are today.

  3. Thanks. I also think Dutchess Tourism has done an outstanding job in filling this void.


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