Friday, July 10, 2009

Did you know?


What are you likely to learn more about by reading the historical articles in Historic Towns of Dutchess County? We plan to address topics that answer the question:

Did you know…..

…How Salt Point got its name ?

…How Danskammer Point got its name ?

…What famous local Indian chief fought on our side in the Revolutionary War ?

…How Claverack got its name ?

…What local church was used as a hospital for George Washington's army ?

…Why the eastern border of Dutchess County is called "The Oblong" ?

…How Nuclear Lake in Pawling got its name ?

…Why towns in the Hudson Valley have "kill" on the end of their names ?

…What famous WW II newsman lived in Pawling ?

…How the Harlem Valley of Dutchess County got its name ?

…Where those blue coin-collecting folders come from?

…What famous European cars were once built in Poughkeepsie ?

…How many times the railroad tracks sank into Whaley Lake?

…What plant on route 9 built machine guns during WW II ?

…Where the Appalachian Trail crosses both the Taconic Parkway and I-84?

…Where the New York State electric chair was kept for many years?

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